Центр Стратегічних Досліджень

Center for Strategic Studies

Core Activities

Analytical research and development in current issues of international policy and security, state building, interrelations in triangle of society – government – business, regional specifics

Organizing of seminars and discussions on issues of freedom of speech, human rights, activities of political parties and public organizations, judicial power reforms, relations with neighboring countries and European establishments, overcoming corruption, and improvement of investment opportunities

Research and implementation of practices on organization of community engagement in political parties, public organizations, trade unions, organized initiatives, networking events, local activities and national campaigns

Development and implementation of technologies of creating political parties and election campaigns

Research, development and dissemination of  practices of nonviolent resistance

Practical aid to public organizations, political parties, initiatives, and activists in improving the efficiency of their operations

Conduct of seminars and training sessions with content determined by CSS activities

Participation in activities and initiatives of third-party organizations including international establishments that have similar objectives and missions to those of CSS

Appeal to potential partners


Dear colleagues!

The purposes of creation and activity of CSS are research, consultation and practical actions on strategic issues for the country which appear in the process of democratic and economic transformation.

At the moment, strategic directions of CSS are those that you see on the left of this page. But we emphasize that it is about present moment. So we don’t consider this list as comprehensive.

We define which questions are strategic after consultations with potential partner.

So, if you have a productive idea and you want to realize it but you need our help, please write us about the idea, and what you have in addition to it, and what you need based on the fact that we are not a donor organization.