The events surrounding the convention of “Our Ukraine” party in Donetsk at the end of October last year are considered differently by the inhabitants of the region. Some believe that the power demonstrated its strength then. Others believe that weakness. Still others believe that stupidity. But the guests of the region, who also have to get to know more closely the methods of work of local leaders, are increasingly recognized that psychologically they feel as if they were not in one of the regions of the state, but in … North Korea. Therefore, the field of activity for the opposition here is not even wide, but very wide, and work in general is endless. But it’s already started. And here exactly how and under what conditions it is possible to do it, we will hear from the head of the Donetsk regional headquarters of “Our Ukraine” and the regional organization “For Ukraine! For Yushchenko!” Pavlo Zhovnirenko.

Full text is available in Ukrainian language.