About Our Organization


Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) was founded in 1993 as a group of analysis and forecasting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and was registered with its present name in 1997 as an independent non-profit nongovernmental research organization.

The objectives of the CSS include: research in the field of international politics and security studies, seminars and other activities on strategic issues for the country, support the process of democratic and economic reforms in Ukraine, cooperation with civil society organizations, Verkhovna Rada, the government, and individual politicians in Kyiv and regions, self-governing bodies.

Founder and Head of the Management Board of CSS is Pavlo Zhovnirenko, Ph.D., author of about 70 articles in Ukrainian, Russian and American media for political, economic and environmental issues, more than 40 recommendations to state bodies and international organizations, including the ideas and the text of a multilateral agreement on international guarantee to nuclear-free Ukraine (1993), offers, including  construction of oil terminal in Odessa and the pipeline to the Baltic sea (1993), exclusion from the diplomatic language of certain post-Soviet patterns (1996), the development and use of criteria for accession to EU and NATO (1996), the concepts of "conditional neutrality of Ukraine" (2009), "civil defense" (2009), "the international status of Arctic" (2010), "non-transit status of Ukraine in the gas market" (2011), etc. He took part and gave speeches on more than 100 international conferences on economics, politics and security in 14 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.